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10:03 pm: A Traveler’s Question

As I settle in for week number 2, here in Hampton, VA, here is a question that I find myself muttering from time to time:

Why do rental cars tend to have the audio systems set to “unlistenable,” when I receive them? Generally the treble is cranked to the max, and the balance is faded all the way to some corner or other. I worked for a while with the theory that the cleaning crew liked a consistent sound … but that doesn’t fit with the inconsistent and awful mix I usually inherit.

– EDIT –

I simply must share this gem from JWZ.

The deservedness of my reaction is a matter of some debate. It’s closely related to my frequent urge to grab people and shake them until they become smarter.

I know this feeling. I know it well.

– EDIT 2 —

OMFG. Some dude threw his shoes at Bush during a press conference in Iraq. To the president’s credit, he simply faded out of the way of the shoes, and made it into a joke. For once, he actually looked pretty good. I mean, I *do* want my president (among other things) to be able to dodge a thrown shoe.

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