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12:22 am: Random

This link takes you to the ~20 most recent pictures uploaded to LiveJournal. In every single page I’ve tried, I’ve seen (a) a stupid joke, (b) porn, (c) a teenager trying to look deep and thoughtful.

It’s vaguely horrifying, yet addictive.

In other news, I’ve tweaked a part of my back that I hadn’t previously tweaked. Let’s hear it for expanding one’s horizons. This isn’t the “spine right across the hips,” one, nor the “just inside the shoulderblade.” No, this is the vertical muscle along the spine, about at the level of the floating ribs. As I’ve come to know it – the “standing up straight and breathing deep” muscle.

Come on body, work with me here. We’ve got a long time to go … this is no time to crap out on me.

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