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09:20 pm: Of cats and magnets

Back from one of the pricier dinners I’ve ever had – and I’m pleased to report that it was quite tasty. The five course wine-paired Christmas dinner was really something.

redmeds parents got me Rattlesnake Eggs for Christmas. They’re sturdy little magnets that you throw into the air. They bounce off each other rapidly, making a clacking-buzzing noise.

The small cat HATES them. As soon as I tossed them in the air, she hit the kitty-slink pose and slunk out of the room. Now, whenever I go near the packaging, she hops down from wherever she’s perched and slinks out of the room. I managed to get them near her by stealth and cunning, and decided to see if cats understand magnetism. I held one magnet in my hand, and made the other one move around on the floor without touching it.

She *growled* at the moving magnet when it moved. She *hissed* at the one in my hand.

No kidding. Cats hate and fear magnets. Try it and see!

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