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10:21 am: Family

Down in PA for a quick visit to redmeds parents. We even got to catch up briefly with her brother, which is a rare treat. While the drive down on Friday evening was uneventful we expect the trip back today (Sunday post Christmas) to involve heavier traffic. Seems like I’ve been having the same conversation about route choice for the past 13 years or so. “Are you going to take the Tappan Z Bridge?” “Well, it adds about half an hour to the trip if the traffic is equal.” “Goodness, but the traffic through New York, well.” “You really can’t tell. You just have to guess.” “Do you remember the Merit Parkway? That’s a nice drive.” “Yep, we took that last time, but the entrance is easy to miss.” “What about that northern route, the one that goes to the Mass Pike?” “Oh yes indeed. No traffic there, but it adds an hour to the expected trip.”

The holiday was very pleasant. Lots of gifts exchanged, and an Apple TV entered the house. Interestingly, the Apple TV requires an HD television, which continues a year-long running conversation. I went to Best Buy on Friday before hitting the road and determined that I hate shopping in crowds. It was a feeding frenzy. Anyway, I think that Plasma looks better than LCD, that 1020p looks a lot better than 720p, and that dynamic range doesn’t seem to make a bit of difference in the pictures on the show floor.

This morning I’m considering the construction of a workout area in a garage. This would require me to own a garage … but given that I owned one, it would make for a great individual gym.

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