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01:46 pm: Finance

I manage my long-term savings by the “don’t touch it!” philosophy. Therefore, through the application of iron will, I’ve managed to ride out the current financial crisis without selling off all my assets and hiding the revenues under my mattress (while weeping quietly). However, there are two days of the year on which I allow – nay – require myself to look at the stocks: My birthday, and new year’s day. Generally speaking, I glance back at my desired allocation between long and short term … between lower and higher risk … and between domestic and international assets … and I re-balance the portfolio accordingly.

This year, I have no idea what to do.

I know that some of you (technolope, capital_l, and multiplexer in particular) think a lot about these things. I seek free advice: I’m still in it for the long haul – I’m 30+ years to my notional retirement age. I move stuff around twice a year, mostly to achieve what I perceive as a balanced portfolio. I’m a fan of big, market-sector-following index funds rather than particular companies or stocks.

I seek free advice. Should I stick with my former thinking, because a nice even 40% has fallen out of the market? Has something changed? More international? More domestic? More “with the market, large, well capitalized?” More “crazy venture capital firms?”


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