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03:46 pm: Travel

Dear travel industry:

If I go to Kayak.com and ask to get from “any airport near Boston, including Manchester and Providence” to “any airport near College Station, TX, including Houston and Austin”, during any three day window in a particular week, I really expect to have at least one nonstop option. Of all the things that can screw up your travel plans, connecting flights are the worst. One more chance for *either* plane to screw up the timing, or *any* ground crew to lose luggage. Plus, that hour in the airport is really three wasted hours landing, debarking, embarking, and taking off again.

The original query (BOS -> College Station, this day through that day) was laughable. I had two 17+ hour trips, each of which had multiple stops. They offered to get me from here at noon, to there at 10am the next morning.

Seriously? New England doesn’t go directly to Texas?


Correction – the major airlines do not. Jetblue and Southwest both provide options.

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