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06:52 pm: Wine

Half of the 2008 vintage is now complete. Fermented, bottled, corked, labelled, and shelved. Presented here are the 6 “vintners reserve” bottles from the “Yes We Can” New Zealand Gewurztraminer. I produced a total of 29 bottles, which are now happily in the storage closet. Here’s hoping that they don’t blow out their corks and make everything all sticky:

These reserve series (distinguished with my sharpie markings) will be consumed one per year, starting about a year from now. With any luck I’ll have an inauguration party centered around #4.

Here’s a picture of the previous efforts, including the 2006 “Ivory Tower” and “Gemito Liberale”, and the 2007
“Explosive Decompression” and “You’ll just screw it up”.

I intend to start the 2008 red this evening, or perhaps tomorrow. So far the only inspiration for a name is “Commies!” though I expect to do better than that in the next few weeks.

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