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06:25 am: Complete insanity

One definition of insanity is “doing the same thing, and expecting a different result.” I think I may be insane.

For one thing, there’s the travel: In Norfolk VA all last week, got back last night. Had a very pleasant evening at home. Today I plan to go to physical therapy and then to follow a house inspector around the house that we’re likely purchasing.

Oh yeah, we’re probably going to purchase a house. redmed posted some pictures. Today we go in to try to get a feel for what is crazy about this one by following an inspector around. Note that on house purchase number three I am no longer wondering whether there is some complete insanity here – but about the nature of the insanity that I know is there.

It’s a hundred year old victorian within walking distance to a red line T stop, has tons of sun and lots of space, is on enough land (1/4 acre) to support my gardening habit, and, and, and. Most interesting to me is the fact that it’s got 300A electrical service and the rooms are independently wired with cat-5e switched through a telco closet. The house served for a time as an office building, but is and always has been zoned residential. We shall see.

Following the inspection, we’re bundling into the car and driving to Maine for a weekend with S and A. They’re awesome, and I’m really looking forward to it. Sunday, we drive back, I have another pleasant night in my own bed, and then it’s back on a plane to Maryland on Monday morning. Friday, I meet redmed at the airport (note, not home – still in Maryland) and we attend sacredangles senior recital, plus chill with justkidding_nr, thx4asking, and derangedqueen. Sunday, we fly back and come home.

So far, the only travel I know about for the week after that is out Wed. night and back Thursday morning.

In unrelated news, I stilled the cabernet sauvinon last night – and it seems like it might turn out pretty tasty. The American Ale is, as expected, hoppy and fun … and the Bass clone is going to rock.

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