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09:15 am: Home sweet home

Home for a day, with redmed before headed to Honduras for a (well earned) week’s vacation tomorrow.

On a crazy lark, headed to technolope and capital_ls place directly from picking redmed up at the airport last night. We had a fantastic dinner and made an early night of it in support of a massively productive day today.

The week of work went well. I realized that the highest complement I can receive after teaching a class is “oh, that is simple!” If I can show someone that some piece of technology is actually a lot simpler than they imagined it – I’m doing my job well.

And now, off to achieve inbox zero, pay bills, vacuum (because we can’t have people watching our cats in a dirty house, can we?) and so on.

Consensus is that since neither of us slept at home this week, we don’t need to change the sheets. Let’s hear it for small victories.

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