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11:45 am: Work

I don’t post much about work. Mostly this is because this is the internet and I assume that you’re all intelligent enough to figure out my real name and my real company and use that to email my real co-workers and my real customers, and tell them all that I’m talking about them. It’s not that I have anything nasty or even vaguely titillating to say about any of these folks … but I’m on a low drama diet. Plus, not that there’s anything spectacularly private or interesting about my life – but sometimes I don’t want to start business conversations with condolances for cancer-cat.

I also work on the theory that if I even glancingly feel an urge to friends-lock something then I should instead just not post it to the internet. I’ve accepted that I’m something of a data protection and privacy luddite. Still, I’ve got a pretty good track record with things that I don’t write down not showing up and biting me on the ass down the road.

Sometimes, however, there are things that are amusing even totally out of context. Today I’m writing a re-usable “terms and conditions” for our consulting work. How do we track “days,” (8 hours of non-consecutive work by remote OR a whole day where I’m 100% dedicated to you on your schedule OR any day where I have to go onsite); do we charge for travel time (not on the East coast); etc. Along the way I realized that I was simply writing down the way I do things.

My amusing thought was “well, since I’m perfect, I’ll just write down the way I act, and those can be the rules.”

I think that’s how most rules get made anyway.

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