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09:56 am: Woodpecker

So I’m coming back from lunch yesterday, having dropped off the check for the shiny new gutters on the shiny new house. I reach the path from the street to my door and I see this bird clinging to the underside of said gutters. I had just enough time to think, “huh, he’s hanging upside down but he’s a little big for a nuthatch. Hey, is he a wood …”


“Woodpecker!” My thoughts turned to vocalizations and I raised my hands to him. “Hey, buddy, that’s new … there’s no need to,”

B-B-B-B-B-B-B-BANG! (he glanced at me contemptuously).

“Stop! Hey! Hey! Cease! Desist! New! Just paid!”



And so on. I wound up chasing him around the sides of the house … but he wouldn’t let me even imagine that he was gone … since I could *hear* him chiseling around the corner. Gah.

In other news, I still have two cats. Merlot is on daily subcutaneous fluids (since she can’t eat or drink much at all anymore) and pain control. She sleeps a lot, but still bounces up to play with us from time to time.

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