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12:11 am: He always gets up

I got high praise at Judo today. A visiting judoka from our friendly neighbors to the north was working a particular throw. There was some discussion about whether said throw would work on someone taller than her – and it was suggested that she try it on me.

After a couple of tries (ow), she declared that it did indeed work on people taller than her.

A rejoinder was offered: “but fdmts is still on his feet.” (I had gotten back up after being thrown).

She replied something along the lines of “It’s fdmts. He always gets back up.”

So there you go – I may lack technique – I may not win – but at least I get back up when I fall.

P.s: Anyone who wants to make the sexual analogy with “getting up” is welcome to come to judo and see exactly how un-sexual this activity really is. By “getting up,” I do not mean “achieving viagra style sexual readiness.” I mean “standing up again after being thrown to the mat.”

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