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04:57 pm: Big dog, small dog

I was at the vet the other day (tending to cancer cat), and saw something sort of amusing:

There was a woman with a Chihuahua, whose anal glands had just been expressed (the dog, not the woman). She was deep in conversation with the desk staff about how frequently this needs to be done, how to tell when the dog needs it, whether she could do it herself, the fact that it’s her daughters damn dog and she’s not squeezing foulness out of its – what again?

While she was talking, two men brought what appeared to be a small bear through the door. Okay, it was actually a dog – but this monster weighed in at 181lbs. That’s more than *I* weigh. Big dog was limping. They started filling out paperwork for the emergency visit.

Big dog noticed little dog.

Little dog had *totally* seen big dog come through the door, and hadn’t taken his eyes off it since that moment.

Big dog very gently and smoothly, and with an almost kindly expression, shifted around his owner’s back. He then lowered his huge head (which was easily larger than the entire other dog) all the way to the floo, so that he was at eye level with the chihuahua. “Hello? What are you?”

The chihuahua started trembling. Then, in a display of raw bravado to equal any I’ve ever seen, simply turned his back on the big dog. “No, I ignore you.” Tremble.

Eventually the woman noticed what was happening, and with a little yelp she snatched up the precious and put him on the counter. The owners of the big dog were very apologetic.

Everyone else in the waiting room, me included, were grinning from ear to ear. It was cute.

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