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01:58 pm: Question

Still nothing to report. I’m in Montreal for the end of the week, since redmed has a conference to attend, it’s not a long drive, the weather is nice, and I can work from anywhere. So far I’m impressed. Montreal is treating me well. Good food, open air jazz festival, clean hotel with fast network, etc.

Here’s the question: I was reading some random rant about Atlas Shrugged, and the following question came up:

Are there some individuals who, because of their innate talents and productivity, should be given a free pass on the normal rules and regulations we apply to everyone else? I would take this from simple stuff like letting the basic norms of civilized, decent behavior slide, on up to forgiving outright crimes in the interest of advancing the human condition.

Anyone? Does anyone still read LJ, or should I go make a facebook poll?

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