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08:46 am: Montreal

I’m totally sold on Montreal. The city appears to be made out of art museums, good restaurants, and cool festivals. For example, this evening we intend to attend a session of the international fireworks competition. Seriously. They have fireworks every Saturday, all summer, like – a half hour show. This one will be sponsored by South Africa.

redmeds conference seems to be going well. It’s one of these 70 – 100 person conferences where they all sit in the same session and talk to each other. At dinner it became clear that they all also know each other personally. These are people who decided that they care about infectious disease in pregnancy – and have written the books on the topic. The young folks at our table agreed that it was both cool and somewhat intimidating to see the authors who they were citing in their talk sitting in the front row.

For my part, I’m fighting with too many projects all at once. I seem to have allowed a few truly crack-brained problems to accumulate on my plate, including:

* A piece of single-author-ware whose author decided that it would be a good idea to write his very own encryption code as part of his copy protection. You download the encrypted source code, and then he emails you an anonymous link to “decrypt.c” along with a password to use if you can get it to build. The rest of the code is just as good.

* A physical to virtual migration that seems to be killing my VM-Ware instance and I’m not sure why

* A piece of cluster software that comes with its very own operating system.

Hoping to kill off a couple of those here at the francophone Starbucks before meeting up with an old friend for a trip to the botanical gardens.

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