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11:29 am: Mad props to Speakeasy.net

I got DSL service at the house from a company called “speakeasy”. I realized today that they had promised me a rebate of $100 after the service was all set up, but I hadn’t done anything about that. So I sent a note:

I realized, reviewing my finances today, that I never filed for the rebate that was supposed to come with my service.

I've searched my emails, and I don't think that I ever received the "rebate number" that I would need in order to download the rebate form through your website.

What is my rebate number?


About half an hour later, I got this back:

Its past the rebate date, so I've credited the account and sent an updated invoice reflecting the credit.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns about this issue and if the ticket can be closed.

Let me just say: Damn, that’s some awesome customer service right there. “You seem to have skipped the whole process with forms and stuff … so here’s the amount of money you should have gotten. Cool?”

Mad props.

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