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10:21 pm: Leadership Vacuum

My father (in law) wrote a book: A Leadership Vacuum is available as softcover, e-book, and even for the Kindle.

The core message is that there is a difference between leadership and manager-ship. Leaders are distinguished by the fact that they have people who choose to follow them. You can’t appoint a leadership team – though you might elect one. Also, teams led tend to be much more effective and efficient than those that are merely managed. I haven’t spent all that much time in corporate america – but this rings true to me. Of course, some of the arguments in the book were hammered out over the dining room table.

Now that the book signing has been held, the free copies distributed to the worthy and the unworthy (including autographed copies to several of the managers who helped to generate the stories) and the embargo lifted, you are all encouraged to head to Amazon to check it out.

If you want a signed copy, I’ve got the hook up.

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