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10:47 pm: Good times and food

It seems fitting that I should mention the good things every now and again.

Work was gratifying today. We met with a long term customer who intends to renew for a fourth year. The certainty with which they treated the question – obviously they need us to keep coming back – was flattering. Also, we upgraded some software and re-ran jobs that used to fail … and now they succeed. Huzzah for science!

I had a fantastic dinner with a friend. We ate at Darlington House, decided nearly at random as we wandered around Dupont Circle after emerging from opposite ends of the same Metro stop. It’s restaurant week in DC, which is fine with me. Three course, prix-fixe at the schmancy places. Coupled with relaxed and smart conversation and a glass of a decent Argentine Malbec … it was a fine conclusion to the day.

After dinner we walked around town for a bit. Made it almost to the monuments before returning him to his hotel. Then I walked further, back past Dupont Circle – all the way to the Woodley Park Metro stop before caving to the sweaty night and riding the train back out past Bethesda.

It was a good night for watching people. In fact, it still is. I’m sitting in the hotel bar watching two groups of three, two men with a woman in the middle, flirt and strut for each other. The ones on the left are best. The guys are letting the girl punch them, and occasionally tickling her. She just went for a double-punch and smacked her glass clear across the bar.

Anyway, perhaps an early night would top of a successful day. Good night!

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