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09:22 pm: Beautiful day

Woke late, after much wine and laughter last night.

Egg sandwich, packed two cars, drove to the house. Unpacked. redmed returned to the apartment to pack more boxes. I attacked the ceiling fixtures in the bathroom. The goal is a functional three-way switch for both the lighting fixture and the vent-fan.

Stepped out for a gatorade and a powerbar. Bought a box of soft sugar cookies with frosting. Three were gone by the time I got back to the house.

redmed arrives with more stuff. Helped her unpack it, wrestled with shelves in the basement. Noticed that she’s nowhere to be found. She’s napping in the hammock. Join her. Nap.

There is something beautifully hedonistic about being awakened in the hammock by friends arriving. Hello technolope, hello capital_l.

technolope sets to work assembling shelves. capital_l works on thesis stuff. redmed removes nails from re-usable hardwood. I continue to hump away at the three way switch. Crazy wires everywhere. Drilling 1″ holes in joists. My cordless drill rules.

Success all around, run back to the apartment for a quick shower. The glorious feeling of being so very much cleaner than before almost makes getting that filthy worthwhile. Then to the new local restaurant for drinks and a light dinner. Run into a friend who we didn’t realize was tending bar there. The place just keeps getting better.

Home. Fold laundry. Sleep.

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