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07:05 pm: Riggity jig

Home again from Atlanta. Since I’ve now exceeded the number of days that they can casually put me on the “visitor” list, I’ve been put in for badging. This will be the lightweight background check version (no outstanding felonies) rather than the “full polygraph” to which a friend was recently subject. Yes indeed, they do still use ole-sparky to verify your good intentions around some parts. If successful, this will push my stack of Major Government Organizational Badges to four. For a supposed independent, I’ve got a lot of ID badges.

I realized today that I’m now happier working at the house than at the apartment. We’ve shifted the center of mass to the house, I guess. Even with all the boxes and everything – it feels like *that* is home now. This is as it should be.

The bathroom / laundry room is coming together. We got “rough” inspections on plumbing, electrical, and structure today. This means that they can start putting up sheetrock. My favorite feature right now is the “copper pan” under the shower. It’s simply a sheet of copper, folded and welded into a pan perhaps 4″ deep. I love metal. It’s weird, I know. It feels like we’re in the end-run here. All they have to do is sheetrock, tile, and install fixtures and I will have a usable shower. We’ve got a woodworking friend coming down next weekend to help install the wainscoting, and the plan is to pick out a medicine cabinet and vanity as soon as humanly possible. With that – um – well – we’re done.

If you want some serious shower porn, check out the German Hansgrohe site. I particularly like the “showerarc”.

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