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07:34 am: Civilized

Woke up this morning in our very own house. The lion’s share of our stuff is here, including the real box spring and mattress. So much better for back health than a futon mattress on the floor. We woke up, dressed, and walked over to the local coffee shop for a quick breakfast. The owner opens the place pretty early in the morning, and we caught the locals coming and going. redmed isn’t allowed to take drinks on the T – so we sat and watched the neighborhood wake up. As she said, it was “civilized.”

Maia is adjusting pretty well. She spent the first day hiding under the pad in her carrier, but then she came out and started exploring. She’s still incredibly skittish – but settling out. She wanders around, returning from time to time to touch base with me.

Our friend Andy from Maine (of Fat Andy’s) came down with a house warming gift of poplar wainscoting. Our bathroom is small, relative to what his shop handles … so he had piece parts and end runs that matched the trim in other places in the house. It was amazing watching him work. I’ve been observing the various craftsmen do their thing – whether it’s Andy, or Elvis (who is putting in the tile), or the plumbers, or the framing guys who moved the bathroom wall. I have developed huge respect for the detail and skill that goes into each of these disciplines.

Andy shared a pithy observation: “The difference between an ordinary carpenter and a really good carpenter is not so much the number of mistakes they make – but that the really good carpenter knows how to fix his mistakes.”

Tile is more than halfway up in the bathroom. This means we’ve got structure, plumbing, electrical, plaster, and most of the tile. We expect the tile to be done today and tomorrow, and then the floor. After that – the plumber comes back to hook up the shower fixtures, toilet, and the washing machine. We’ve got a two or three week delay for the vanity we ordered to arrive, and then I think we’re done!

Also got to see simianpower and technolope for lunch on Friday, and then added capital_l for an evening of revelry.

We’re very nearly out of the apartment, which is a good thing – since I have to return the keys on Wed. We have the “initial walkthrough” with the landlord, to verify that we’re on the same page about things like “the carpet must be clean” and “holes in the wall should be patched.” These guys have been enough of a pain in my butt that I want no surprises.

I’m somewhat concerned that I’m losing my mind. In two days, I’ve left first my bank card (I think at Home Depot) and then my Visa (at the restaurant last night). I’ll give myself a pass because of all the upheaval in my life … but c’mon Chris – get it together.

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