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10:32 am: Boxes within boxes

The house is really coming together, and I’m starting to think a little bit strategically in terms of what is going to go where.

My cleaning philosophy is simple: Pick a spot and clean it. Once you’ve cleaned / organized a patch of space – do not give up that space. At first, this looks like merely pushing stuff around … but there’s method there. You’re always generating additional clean and organized space. I find that it’s an unconditional win to turn a room with a uniform thickness of mess into a room where half of it is clean, but the other half is stacked deep.

capital_l and technolope gave me a nice door that I plan to use as a large desk. The trick is that I need both the space to deploy this desk, and something to rest it upon. Something heavy and stable.

As previously mentioned, I have about 8 bankers boxes of paper that I move around with me without using. These are letters from relatives and friends, old journals, the interesting publications, and so on. These are currently in my office under the theory that if they’re in my way I’ll be more likely to move towards a final solution (some combination of scanning, shredding, and recycling seems the most likely).

These boxes are sitting almost exactly where I want the desk/door to go. It occurred to me that they would make quite nice table legs … until my rational mind said “You fool! You’ll never organize that crap if you set your desk on it!”

Ah well. It was worth a thought.

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