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12:42 pm: Unpacking

Another milestone, I’m brewing the first pot of coffee in the new house.

Maia discovered the basement, only three days after being relocated to the house. I was carrying stuff around and left the cellar door open. On the next trip I saw cat ears shifting down the stairs. I was like ‘ah, crap’ put my pile of boxes down, and went to retrieve her.

The core problem with cats in the basement here is that I’m pretty sure that we have at least one cat-sized hole that would allow a clever and persistent kitty to get out into the mean streets of Dorchester. Plus, well, dirty cat footprints on my comforter are not my idea of a good time.

When I caught up with her she was circling with her tail the size of a bottle brush and this look on her face like “DEAR GOD THERE’S ANOTHER WHOLE LEVEL TO THIS BUILDING! DON’T YOU PEOPLE REALIZE THE DANGER?!?!”

It was cute. Only moderate injuries were sustained when I grabbed her and hauled her kitty ass back upstairs.

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