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07:18 pm: Travels

Attended a beautiful wedding for an old friend, in Newport RI this weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever been to one quite like this … while every aspect was sumptuous, it was also understated and dignified. It was great to hang out with old friends – including robotify. Everyone’s life is proceeding along in its very own way!

Now I’m on a train to Philadelphia (currently sitting under New York City) to rent a car and turn around and go to just North of Trenton for a day’s work tomorrow. Could be sort of a long day. Not sure yet. Tomorrow evening, back to Philly, return the car, and back on the train to Baltimore. Tu – Fri I’ll split between customers in Baltimore and customers in the area. Finally, I’ll hop on Southwest and fly back to Boston. While there’s a lot of complexity to the plan, I think that each leg is simple and straightforward. We’ll see how it goes.

In Baltimore, I hope to catch up with _earthshine_, as well as with my siblings. I’ll be staying at one of my favorite little bed and breakfasts: The Inn At 2920. This is the place where they have a fishbowl in each room, and your check-in paperwork lets you know the name of the fish in your room.

My dad was up in Boston last week, and stayed with us in the new house. He went to Judo, like a trooper, and wore down a classmate 20 years younger than him. We also wandered to a bunch of museums and cooked an awesome fish dinner with capital_l and technolope.

In other news, the house is finally coming together. We have a fully functional shower – though it doesn’t have a door on it yet. Eventually, we’ll have one of those schwank frameless glass doors. However, right now a tension rod and a plastic curtain work just fine. Painters have a key to the house and will paint the bathroom and the laundry room in my absence. I love it when work gets done that I didn’t have to do.

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