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07:24 pm: Monday

Good day at work with NAME BRAND CORPORATION today. I had been fairly worried about it being a long and painful session because of REDACTED. It wound up being long, but not at all painful. It was simply the structured working through of a bunch of small but important issues. Honestly, I’ve rarely seen six adults actually act quite so much like adults for a whole work day. Nifty. Signed up for a bunch of deliverables and another trip in three weeks to wrap things up – and that ought to be that.

Reading Coders at Work: Reflections on the craft of programming which is a book that’s making me wonder if I was ever really a programmer. I mean, I say jokingly now that I used to be a programmer and now I write PERL. Still, as with many such things, he makes me realize that I fail on more than that one front. The outright hackers at the beginning of the book (jwz, and brad) give way to the more formal sorts of gods – ending with Donald Knuth … and I’m really neither. Still, it’s nice to hear that even the best programmers spend hours flailing at a perceived bug before realizing that they’re calling the wrong binary.

Now I’m on the train again, headed to BWI. Once there I’ll get a car and check into my schwank bed and breakfast. In the morning it’s off to do something totally different for NAME BRAND UNIVERSITY. On Wed we’re on to NAME BRAND MILITARY RESEARCH LAB.

Ah, my life. Sometimes stressful and sometimes a bit tiring … but I wouldn’t trade it.

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