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10:53 pm: Posting for postings sake

Things are going pretty well in the “moving into the house” department. We’re, well, we’re moved in and the number of boxes is decreasing by two or three per day. I’m told that there are more boxes in the basement, but I’m not too worried about that. All things in good time.

My dad was up recently, and we had a great time. Smoked a stogie in Harvard Yard, and sat on my porch talking politics, among other things. Also, he came to Judo with me one night and was a real trooper through one of Jay’s usual insane workouts.

After my Judo adventure this evening, I can barely stand. It’s a good thing. I played hard all night, in preparation for the three tournaments that are coming up in the next four weeks. With any luck, my knee will stay strong and I’ll be back to competition for good. The third tournament is the Pan-Am Masters. North and South America, everybody over the age of 30. It’s gonna rock. I’m going to have one of those badass “USA” patches on my gi. It’s all I want, really.

Um, and it’s time for bed already?

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