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08:48 am: Web / mail hosting

Okay smart / beautiful people: Got another question.

I’ve had very own internet domain for quite a while now. For several years I’ve been with these jackasses. However, I glanced up recently and noticed that they are a truly odd combination of incompetent and expensive. So, I’m moving.

I have essentially free space in a data center, and I’ve got a couple of spare servers. I could run my very own email server. That, however, strikes me as a pain in the butt. Particularly in the spam-management department. So:

Question 1: Is it really that much of a pain in the butt to run your own email server?

Assuming that the answer is yes, we move on to question two:

Question 2: Who do you use for web and mail hosting? Do you like them? What do you pay?

Looks like I can get a reasonably full complement of web hosting services for $10 a month from the same people who provide my home internet access. Is that reasonable? Is this something that ought to be free? I just have no idea anymore.

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