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11:00 am: A useful abstraction

I’ve been doing a little trick that redmed taught me, and it works, so I’ll pass it on.

I’m a big fan of lists. Everything needs to be on a list. I will go back and populate a to-do list with things I’ve already done … checking them off as I go. That’s my broken-ness.

So here’s the trick. I run one to-do list for any given day. I set it up in the morning. I add to it as things need doing. In the evening, I check things off and review.

In the morning, I look at yesterday’s list … and then I throw it away. Every day gets a clean sheet of paper. Perhaps yesterday’s tasks don’t make it to today’s list. In fact, that’s the big trick – figuring out the things that made the list yesterday but aren’t really important.

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