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05:54 pm: A variety of thoughts

No real theme here – just trying to not let the days trickle by un-sung.

Played a Judo tournament this last weekend. Oddly, at 170 lbs I was the lightest person in the entire masters (over 30) category. They wound up combining the novice and expert divisions, and spreading my division up to about 195. A 25 pound weight difference is pretty significant – and coupled with the expert / novice thing … I didn’t last long. Okay, I didn’t last at all. It was a double elimination bracket, and I lost my first two fights. Good times. Worked the scoreboard for the rest of the day and, as usual, learned a lot. I may never actually be good at this sport – but I feel like I’m getting better at something difficult. That’s all I ask, really.

I’ve been invited to a couple of online arguments recently. I’ve got a pretty ironclad policy on arguing about things like abortion online. There’s no point. It *never* works out well. I’m happy to talk about these things in person, provided that there’s a bit of give and take to the conversation. Online, particularly in some dumbass comment thread on facebook – just “no.”

I’ve given up on the health care reform package being passed by congress. It skips all of the truly important changes that we might make in order to really improve our system. While it might represent a decent set of evolutionary steps, it falls well short of the *revolutionary* change that I thought we might see.

My cat is sitting on the desk, leaning up on my chest. She is warm.

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