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05:05 pm: Positive experience

I just had a really positive experience, and I want to share:

redmed and I were taking a walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the unseasonably gorgeous weather. We stopped off at the local coffee shop for a pair of hot chocolates, and settled on the bench out front to sip them and watch the cars go by.

Sundays are slow, and they usually have either one or two employees in the afternoon. Today both of those employees were sitting on the other bench chatting when we arrived. The man got up and came in to make our chocolates, and then returned to the benches after we were set.

After settling in, he looked at me and said “hey, what’s your name? Chris? I’m Matt. It’s nice to see you. You come here a lot, right? Hey, just wanted to say – we’re happy when we see you walk in the door. A lot of the people around here can be a pain – rude and all that – but you’re always considerate and nice. We appreciate it. Thanks.”

So apparently I’m (a) a regular, and (b) nice.

I’ll take it. I’m totally fine with being the nice one. All I do is try not to walk around snarling, and remember that the people working behind the counter are human beings. Apparently that’s noticeably more than most people around these parts do.

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