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07:01 am: Travel diaries – post one.

At the airport, at the gate, settled in and online – all before 7am. The plan for the day is to get on a flight to JFK at 7:15. That, notionally gets me to NYC at 8:30. I’m all carry-on all the time, so I’m okay with leaving on an international flight only two hours after that at 10:40. In theory, I don’t even need to go back through security – though I’m sure there’s some extra complexity to be had.

At 10:40, I settle in on the Boeing 777-300ER. We suspect, after substantial online research, that there will be the “airline” style power adapters between the seats in coach. I purchased an adapter for my laptop that will work with a couple of the possible plugs. What I seem to be missing, electrical-wise is a coherent picture of what plugs I will need for India. There are three standards, and none of the standard adapter kits are willing to list “india” as one of the places they support.

Anyway, at 8:10 am tomorrow (AKA 7:10pm today, our time) I arrive in Dubai. I chill in one of the world’s truly opulent airports for five hours, and then catch a puddle jumper to Kolkata. A mere four hours later, we land at my destination. That will make it 7:15pm their time, AKA 7:15am on Sunday, relative to my body.

My plan is to stay up as much as I can, in particular to not sleep once I hit the ground in Dubai. The keys to overcoming jet lag are well known: Eschew alcohol and caffeine as much as possible – adopt the local time schedule as much as possible – expose your skin to the sunlight – and finally: suck it up. Switching your body clock around sucks.

Totally looking forward to spending a week living in a culture that has been offering a serious vegetarian option for the past couple of thousand years.


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