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09:48 am: Shields up

Hit the first tiny snag, in that I was encouraged to check my luggage rather than carrying on all the way through. No biggie – but luggage in the bin over my head is much more in my control than luggage placed – where now? Going to what city? After pushing back ever so gently (“I carried it on for the tiny flight here – isn’t this a bigger plane”) I gave up, shifted out a toothbrush and change of skivvies, and handed it over. Now I’m substantially lighter.

At the same time, I’m substantially heavier. Stopped off at the currency exchange place and obtained my walking-around Rupees. Very convenient – and accomodating. I was able to get lots of small bills. However, said small bills didn’t fit smoothly into my wallet – and I was reduced to finding a semi-private corner to shuffle currency into a couple of envelopes.

Walking into the international terminal, past security, the two combined to activate what might be called my ‘shields up’ response. I detect no threat – but I detect unusual patterns. They may be totally normal for this place – but not for my day to day existence. Rupees in my pocket, passport in my hand. This next leg is the ass-buster. 11 hours and 50 minutes. I’ve got a window seat well back from the wing.

Speaking of views – I took some pictures of block island from the air. What a beautiful day for flying.

Catch you on the flip side.

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