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11:14 pm: The mighty shower

Let’s get one thing straight, right off the bat. I like my new bathroom. The one in Boston. I like it a lot – but there are bathrooms out there in the world that put it to shame – and I just bathed in one. I’ll spare the details of the act itself – but say:

* marble everywhere
* Niche for holding soaps and shampoos … and the back of the niche is mirrored.
* 11 foot ceiling with one of the big ass rain shower heads up top
* Deep tub next to that
* Frosted glass divider between the room of bathing and the similarly huge and opulent bedroom

I’ve stayed “nice,” and this place is outdoing itself. There’s a Huuuuuge Indian wedding happening downstairs – which doesn’t even ripple up to my windows.

Got screened for H1N1 by thermal imager again. This happens prior to immigration, presumably so they can quarantine you in no mans land. Nope, no cough, no fever, nothing. Thanks.

The cab ride here from the Kolkata airport was something of a piece of work. The pre-paid taxi desk was closed, so I was reduced to haggling with the dudes out by the curb. I’m not much of a haggler – my rules are simple. If I get even a whiff of bullshit – I walk. So, I walked past three dudes until the guy with the cell phone came over and said “they all work for me. You need a cab?” Got a rate from him, I picked the first driver who had approached me, and off we went.

Cars in this city communicate much like geese. The constant honking is to prevent collisions. There’s no malice there, just honking. And pollution. Ungh. Plus, rampant poverty – desperation – etc. Still the memory of the poverty just outside the walls is fading as I sit in my air conditioned splendor.

And before that? The flying? The four hour puddle jumper Emirates air flight was not so luxurious as the 12 hour one. It was more like flying domestic coach. Still, I got my vegetarian meal – which is more than I would expect on any US domestic flight.

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