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05:01 pm: Working for ME, day 1

My company is ostensibly closed this week, and I’m making an effort to put in time on stuff that has been on the back burner all year. To wit:

* Spent a few hours getting back up to speed with the iPhone developer kit. Got back to the point where I could build a hello world app, from scratch, and put it on my phone. Tomorrow begins the application development in earnest.

* Cleaned the basement, level 0. I don’t claim that it’s “done,” by any stretch of the imagination – but there are four big garbage bags of crapola out back, plus a waist height stack of cardboard to go out. In addition, we have the tool chest of many drawers, and a primitive beginning of a work bench. I even found an ancient Powerbook running Linux to be the workbench computer. If only I knew the root password.

* Ate Pho for lunch. Let us not forget lunch.

On deck for tomorrow is expanding my hello world to include some calls to built in tools (GPS, accelerometer), and cleaning the office – level 0. On day 3, I hope to get either the office or the basement to level 1.

Mixed in with all this, I plan to get to Judo, karate, and finish Dragon Age, Origins.

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