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10:12 am: Working for ME, day 2

Yesterday was not as robustly successful as Monday. It started off with a phone call from redmed – on her phone. Which was sitting next to the beeper. While she was at work. So up I hove and rolled in to the hospital to deliver these necessary tools of her trade.

I returned, and was just settling into a stretch of coding when I remembered that I needed to pick up the fish. So I rolled in to J.P., got the cod, returned home, filleted it, and froze the fillets.

Ah, continuing to code – but then it was lunchtime.

So, back to it – but one thing led to another and I wound up in Providence for a very pleasant workout and dinner with old friends.

Gah. Maybe this is why I sometimes feel like I get nothing done. Because – well – some days you just get nothing done.

Today will be superior. Onward!

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