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12:18 am: Party like it’s – wait – what now?

Tonight has been a righteous party.

We began with sorting stuff. I went up in the spider riddled attic – source of various sorts of nightmare. I found something that has eluded us for years: My grandfather brought back a katana from his time in the occupation of Hiroshima after world war 2. Found it. Also found great grandmother’s hair. Seriously.

We proceeded to the chili. Righteous chili. There was a small pot of ground beef on the side if anyone wanted to add it to their chili.

There was two man gears of war.

We proceeded to the fire, where we ritually burned the detritus from 2009. Pants that would never fit again, and a short medical-student white coat were thrown on the fire. A bottle of peppermint schnapps was passed around. Then a bottle of sake from Japan, and finally a cheap Shiraz. There’s something about passing the bottle of hooch around the circle, standing around the fire. There’s really something there.

Then, of course, we went in the hot tub. Woo.

And, as active adult on duty, I didn’t *have* to, but I cleaned up the lions share of the bottles – allowing the “kids” to scurry back to their bunks.

Good times.

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