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07:34 pm: Martini

I post this from the kitchen laptop (yeah, that’s right, old G4 laptops don’t die in my house – they become the kitchen laptop). I feel moved to record a couple of martini recipes.

For all of my martinis, the procedure is very similar:

* Fill a traditional martini glass with ice. If using vermouth, place a splash of vermouth in the ice filled glass. If not using vermouth, use water.
* Fill a shaker with ice.
* Measure the spirits and any other liquid ingredients into the shaker.
* Shake, vigorously enough to break up the ice a bit and to oxygenate and mix the spirits. Dance, if it pleases you.
* Swirl and discard the vermouth / ice from the glass. This leaves the ideal amount of vermouth coating the glass.
* If garnishing with olives, add them to the glass before pouring.
* Strain the contents of the shaker into the glass.
* If garnishing with anything other than olives, add them now. I have no idea why you would garnish with anything except olives

Fancy Martini

This is what I order when people are watching me order a mixed drink. I like it because it brings the highly specific language of Starbucks back where it belongs – the bar. To cause the bartender to make this for you, specify “a Ketel One Martini, extra dirty, extra dry, with olives”

* Three (3) measures Ketel One Vodka
* One spoonful of olive brine (in the shaker) it’s worth noting that if you see the bartender pick up a plastic squeeze bottle of olive brine, you should step in and say “woah, not that dirty,” before they make you a drink best described as ‘the salt lick.’
* At least three olives for garnish
* Vermouth as described above

James Bond Style

This is what I wound up with in Delhi, when my waiter looked at me wide eyed and said “very good sir, the James Bond Style.” I know that this is not as described in the Ian Fleming books.

* Three (3) measures Bombay gin (duh)
* Everything else as described above – vermouth in the glass, no extra brine, and so on.
* Best served above a hubbub of at least four languages – and within sight of a cover band who learned the words to their songs phonetically.

The Seven Olive Martini

Figure it out. I love olives.

My Current Favorite

* Two (2) measures Ketel One vodka
* One (1) measure Bombay gin
* One spoonful of olive brine in the shaker
* One spoonful of vermouth in the shaker, in addition to what’s in the glass
* Three olives as garnish

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