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12:28 pm: Haiti

Here’s a note you don’t see every day:

Someone here at work called me to see if I have any connections to health providers in PAP because someone she works with just found out that her mother and brother are “dying in the street”.

Also, I caught a snippet on CNN of bodies being dumped in the bucket of a front end loader, and shifted into a mass grave. Even the normally impartial anchor felt moved to comment that it seemed “undignified.”

The second story on my news feeds is about “anger” over the massive bonuses paid to wall street executives:

The magnitude of the bonuses being paid this year, for work done in 2009, is unknown. But last year, the original nine banks and Wall Street firms receiving TARP funding paid out $33 billion in bonuses, even in the midst of the financial crisis, according to the New York attorney general.

I believe that some individuals on Wall Street made more, last year, in their bonuses, than we have currently promised as aid to Haiti. As an industry, at least, they got 330 fold the $100M we’ve promised in aid.

I don’t use the word lightly, but that’s a sin.

If my capacity for bullshit seems low today, that’s why.

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