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01:30 pm: Supplies for Haiti

Once again, I am incredibly humbled by the lengths that people will go to in support of this crazy idea of going down to help the people of Haiti.

I’m being intentionally a bit vague here – in case anyone is bending the rules on our behalf.

After a few phone calls, redmed and I were led into the basement of her hospital. Deep in the bowels – where blue smocked cooks move steaming vats of soup – and pallets of gauze and surgical supplies share the halls with crash carts and so on. We met The Man In Charge in his basement corner office. He had strong hands with a firm grip – looked us in the eyes and said “so you’re going to Haiti? We’ve got a room full of donated supplies. Come with me.”

He buzzed us into the back room, where pallets of boxes stood. He handed us a box cutter, and introduced us to one of his employees. “Take what you need, anything in here. It’s mixed, but all good. It’s being shipped once we can arrange it – but you need it now. God bless you for what you’re doing. This fellow will get it straightened up after you’re done.”

The thing that got me was that he was the one doing us a favor – and he was also the one thanking us. Somehow, the opportunity to help us was – for him – a big thing.

This is not how I usually live – but I think I like it here.

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