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12:16 am: Bags are packed

In something less than five hours, a cab will show up (hopefully) to take us to the airport. From there we proceed to JFK, and thence to the island resort town of SDQ (Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic). I have told various folks in the group that I will be the white guy lounging by the pool with a beer and a laptop. Yes indeed, perhaps four hours of blissful Caribbean vacation. Then the rest of the group shows up and we have to get serious.

We’ve got 200.00lbs of baggage distributed perfectly evenly between four duffel bags. redmed has her surgical tools. She has her antibiotics. She has her stuff. Me? I found my hat. Actually, we’re a little over weight. In each bag, I have several of Dag’s food bricks – intended for feeding starving people. If they give me crap about my bags being over weight, I intend to throw away food for poor people. In front of them. Slowly. I’m not ditching antibiotics. Hell with that.

I have located my hat. redmed has located her hat. Our hats are ready to go. Us? We’re completely weirded out by the fact that people are praying for us – not in a bad way – but in a “go team” sort of way. That is well and truly odd.

And with that, to bed. Perhaps to sleep. More likely to scheme and plot and play scenarios – the better to be effective.

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