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10:12 pm: Santo Domingo

We’re safely in the Dominican Republic, happily nestled in the Marriott hotel. The rest of our team is arriving sometime tonight. We’re meeting them at 7am in the lobby. Hoo-ah.

I felt like I was in the company of heroes on the plane today. There were at least two other groups of medical folks represented: The New York Medics (perhaps 10 doctors, nurses, and PAs) were pretty serious looking folks – with nametags and everything. They’re going into Cite Soleil. We also interacted with a couple from Niamayah Vision Ministries. They have a clinic, much like ours, but further out of town. These are seriously the people who went to help New York dig out, and also New Orleans. I don’t feel much like a hero – but at least I’m on the same plane with them.

When the plane landed, the flight attendant asked the passengers for a round of applause for those of us going to Haiti to help out. We were in the very butt end of the plane, and while we were hanging out back there she pressed a handful of bandages and ointments into our hands. “You’ll cut yourself,” she said.

Perhaps even more remarkably – the customs agents in the DR waived our “visitors card” fee. “You’re going to Haiti? When? Tomorrow? Go. God Bless You.”

For the moment, I feel like I’m staying in the nice hotel just outside the gates of hell. Hopefully that’s hyperbole – but I’m getting a good night’s sleep, just in case.

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