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06:50 am: From space

I have to admit that I’m totally blown away by the capabilities of Google maps. Just a few years ago, this level of overhead imagery was the stuff of high level clearances and Tom Clancy novels. Now, I can click around through the entire world.

We took a SPOT Personal Locator device to Haiti with us. This is a little GPS with a way of talking to space. It’s got an “I’m OK” button, and an “I’m screwed” button. If you push “I’m OK,” your friends get an email with a link to google maps showing where you were when you pushed the button. In the other case, for a $99 annual subscription, they will inform the appropriate local authorities (Coast Guard, Police, Embassy, NASA) that you’re requesting help.

Here’s the Jimanai border crossing: I clicked the button after we parked to negotiate customs and immigration. We’re on the Dominican side.

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Here’s what the border looked like on the ground:

Here’s the compound where we stayed in Blanchard AKA Terre Noir. The longer building is the church, and the smaller one to the North with the rounded front is where we slept:

View Larger Map

Finally, here’s the ruined church in Cite Soleil:

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See the writing on the roof? Here’s what it looks like from the ground:

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