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10:26 pm: Another day

Last week, I was in Hampton, VA – working for The Man.

I spent the day with my Pittsburgh colleague because his reason for being in town (training session in Boston) was canceled on very short notice. Then technolope and capital-l got back from the UK. We picked them up at the airport. Was nice to be around people all day, but I’m glad it’s sort of an optional thing.

Also, I wrote an essay about the Haiti experience – and there’s a risk that a trade magazine might pick it up. redmed is currently hacking at it because (as she said) “I want you to look good.” Fair enough. Hack away.

Tomorrow, I depart for Atlanta to work for The Man. Different people, same Man. Back on Thursday night.

Next week, it’s back to Hampton to work for The Man again.

At some point here I would like to get back to a normal routine. All of the pieces of these days are fun and useful – it’s like having a whole jigsaw puzzle but no time to put it together.

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