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01:01 pm: Sunday slides

I’m writing design slides on a Sunday. This is part of an effort to get in front of an out-of-control project at work – whose details may someday make it into my memoirs.

Oh precious memoirs – to be published when I never intend to work in any industry again – let us burn all the bridges at once.

In other news, the weekend is going quite well. We had robotify join us for Mad Science Friday at the lair. It wound up being more like “drunken fish fillet Friday,” but that’s okay too. We tried the 21 year old rum that redmed and I brought back from the Dominican, and it was good. In short, the house is basically up and running. We’re still hanging curtains and stuff – and the office is a disaster zone – but without undue effort we can support a 5 person dinner party with a fire in the fireplace and youtube upstairs afterwards.

The office is a disaster zone because I’ve decided to change “everything.” The current design includes:

* large, mostly empty desk with keyboard, mouse, monitor, and perhaps one piece of paper at a time for notes.
* Cluttered desk somewhere in the corner behind me for piles of crap like bills, installation CDs, letters that I’m not going to answer, and so on.
* Being able to reach my whiteboard (currently behind my desk)
* Dedicated art space, with brushes and stuff already laid out.
* Fewer “office” looking pieces of furniture. Four drawer ugly metal filing cabinet, I’m looking at *you*.

So that’s what’s up. I’m swapping between writing slides and shifting furniture. It’s a good

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