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08:55 am: Hobbies and life

Posted yesterday to get the gas station recollections out of my head. Here’s what’s going on otherwise:

The basement flooded – to a small degree – last weekend. Now keep in mind that most of Boston also flooded. They had to vent untreated sewage into the bay (is there no backup plan?). We heard stories of basements where water was actually shooting over the bulkheads and accumulating in the middle of the floor.

My basement is actually pretty well constructed. The floor slopes toward a storm drain that actually stayed clear and functional. There are gutters to guide the water to that drain. However, about 25% of the floor is smoothed and leveled. That 25% got an inch or two deep before the water was deep enough to flow into the un-level section and thence to the drain. Go team ’100 years ago’. Boo on team ‘we’ll fix this crappy job.’

redmed‘s parents are visiting for the weekend in honor of her birthday. This was a surprise – which meant that I did the entire parent-visiting-cleaning-frenzy myself, late yesterday afternoon. It was going well until I realized that one of the hard ciders in the basement had exploded. I had been eyeing this batch with suspicion after two consecutive bottles had the sort of contamination that leads to a geyser when you open them. My rule is “the third contaminated bottle invalidates the batch.” Given that they were exploding – it was time to empty them.

Long story less long: When the parents arrived, I stank of fermentibles and was surrounded by empty bottles. It was awesome.

I’m about to embark on another two weeks of travel for work.

Also: It’s spring.

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