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09:52 am: Sleep

I subscribe to my own personal theory of “sleep multipliers.” Let’s say that ordinary sleep – in your own bed – is the unit here. That’s “1.” I find the sleeping in a hammock, on a perfect spring or fall day, with dappled sunlight falling around me and a light breeze – that’s about the best sleep I can imagine. Let’s call that “2″.

Assuming that sort of scale (from 0 to 2 – where 0 is “worthless” and 2 is “the best ever”), here’s my thinking:

Hammock: 2
On the beach on a temperate afternoon: 1.9
The perfect afternoon nap (without hammock or beach): 1.5
Ordinary sleep: 1
Curled up in a pathetic ball under your desk, head resting on your backpack: 0.9
Too drunk: 0.6
Airplane, window seat: 0.6
Sitting up in a chair, private room: 0.5
Airplane, aisle seat: 0.5
Airplane, middle seat with flab rolls rolling onto both sides of you: 0.3
Sitting up in a chair in a public area, half-listening for approaching footsteps: 0.2

Having a cat or other small pet cuddle up with you is worth +0.25

Having someone you care about snuggle up with you is worth +0.5 … unless they breathe on your face or put your arm to sleep – in which case it’s a wash.

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