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08:08 pm: Burnout

Had a first today – missed my flight home. It was totally my fault, and Airtran was very nice about it – simply rebooking me on the 9:30pm (I missed the 6:44 by arriving at 6:55, close, but no pleasant evening with friends). So here I sit in Terminal D of BWI – nursing some kinda airport beer and asking if they’ll substitute coleslaw for the fries.

Speaking of fries – I’m fried. Too much travel – too many fires. I’ve been on back to back trips for two weeks now – and (more important) averaging above 50% on the road for the past three months. That’s excessive. I renewed my gold status at my favorite hotel chain and rental car company in less than a quarter. Eek. The reason for all this excitement is that things are coming to a head at a couple of different customer sites. I’m actually excited at the chance to finally fix things for these people (rather than replacing band-aids again) – but in the words of my colleage: “the allure of the tiny soaps wore off a long time ago.”

Thus, when redmed pranked me for ignore the internet day by saying that she wanted to quit her job and start a yarn store craft co-op, I bit and bit hard. I’m still running numbers in my head – and I don’t think that we can be right in the stylish part of town unless we have a prostitution or alcohol sideline. $4k per month rent for a storefront is just too high – especially if we want to quit our day jobs. However, if we can do something creative to make the storefront pay for itself … there are possibilities.

In other news, I’m continuing to purify the mental environment. Facebook, twitter, and livejournal are tools for me. They do not exist to make me a slave to anyone. Therefore, I’ve been quietly purging the ranks. If I’m no longer rising to your flamebait – it’s probably because I noticed that I got pissed off most of the time you tweeted or updated a status. It’s not that I don’t like you. Drop in any time for a civilized cup of tea – it’s just that your presence on the net bugs me. No hard feelings, mmm’kay?

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