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11:22 pm: Blank

Last Friday I checked out of this very room in this very hotel. I usually consider it bad luck to stay twice in the same room in a hotel – but I can rationalize this as the “same” trip. At least, that’s helping to keep the twitching to a minimum.

I have a very specific desire to write something here, but I have nothing to say. This was the case four hours ago, when I ate dinner at a different sushi restaurant than last week. Then I went to see Kick Ass. Not completely sated, I just ate a bag of potato chips. Mmmmm. Salty potato chips.

Yeah, that’s about it. I have nothing to say about Kick Ass. It was entertaining for about 115 minutes, but it’s done now. I laughed out loud once, and I sorta felt something between an emotion and heartburn once. It was totally worth the $4.50 at the cheap theatre. The beer made it better. They serve beer at this theatre. I ain’t talkin’ ’bout no paper cup neither. Like a -glass- of beer.

Well, hey ho. That’s about it. Off to bed, because, you know – work in the morning.

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