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11:19 pm: Bitchy

H’okay. So the purposes of the internet are (a) self-involved drama and (b) pictures of cats. If you’re allergic to either of those, stop reading now.

First things first, here’s a picture of the new (as yet unnamed) cat – pushing her luck with Maia. New cat just really, really wants love. She started out life in a family where dad had to go to jail, which landed her in the shelter. At the shelter, she promptly popped out four kittens. She lived in redmeds boss’s house for eight weeks with the kittens, where we met and fell in love with her. Now she’s a new mom just weaned from her babies. She wants LOVE. She’s always coming up and exchanging nose-kisses with Maia. Maia didn’t like this at all – hissing – growling – and making this a amazing “RAOUL” noise. Seriously. “RAOUL.” I didn’t know that she could make that noise.

As of today, two days in, Maia started accepting the nose kisses in good grace. With that as progress, new cat tried to crawl into the kitty cup with her. Maia was like “oh hell no, no spooning.” So – it proceeds.

Onward to part (a): I’m stuck at the airport this evening. My flight (Airtran flight 643, thanks for asking) was supposed to leave around 8:50pm. It’s currently scheduled for 12:48 in the After Midnight. That puts us in Norfolk at around 3am, rather than 10:45pm. At this point I’m committed. They’ll get me there tonight, I’ll go to the hotel and sleep in for a while – then go to work when I get up. The other option is to fail forward to the 11:40am flight that gets me there by 2pm. At that point … gah. I just don’t care.

The security team has departed, meaning that we can’t get back into the gate if we leave. So it’s sort of a slumber party atmosphere here in the ass-terminal of unit C of the Boston Logan metroplex. I got some cheering when I found a stepstool and tried to forcibly disable the Tee-Vee that blares its ceaseless noise and propaganda down on our increasingly defenseless ears. However, they seem to have encountered one like me before. The buttons are disabled, and all the cables are shielded behind a frame that’s attached with security screws.

So I’m writing email and stuff – and then I realize that the corporate mail server is f-ed up again. Looks like the data center where we house our stuff has crapped itself yet one more time.

Bah. Cats are better – even if they say RAOUL at all hours of the night.

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