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02:15 pm: Update

Here’s the state of the world as I see it:

* The oil gusher in the gulf is still gushing. We were lied to from the beginning about the scale of the disaster – and we are still being fed pablum about the real extent. The public rage that might have fed initiatives to get us off of petroleum is fading in the 24 hour news cycle. Hey look! Gaga took off her clothes in public!

* We are still at war in Iraq. 90,000 troops are still over there.

* We are still at war in Afghanistan. 94,000 troops are there now. That one is going so badly that the Army general in charge decided to quit via. Rolling Stone.</a>

* The supreme court has decided that unlimited money does not corrupt elections – and that corporations are just as entitled to buy representation as individuals (we’re screwed).


* The US economy is still boned within an inch of its life. The real un / underemployment rate is around 1 in 5. It’s unclear whether we’re going to get inflation, massive deficits, and bloated government (bad) – or deflation, WORSE unemployment, and collapse of critical government programs (bad)

* And, words cannot express, this

On the other hand, it’s sunny out and I’m going on vacation in a couple of days.

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